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This article is a guest article written by the founder of Filastruder

The Filastruder

The Filastruder is a filament-making machine. The reason for starting this project is simple - raw plastic pellets are cheap costing only a few dollars per kg, while filament for 3D printers is much more expensive - $40/kg and more. The Filastruder has been beta tested by 16 users. They loved it, so we launched on Kickstarter where we were joined by 875 backers. (thanks again, guys!) We've fulfilled all of the Kickstarter kits, so we're ready for prime time, taking orders and saving you money!

How it works: After setting the desired temperature for extrusion and allowing time to warm up, fill the hopper with pellets and colorant of your choice, and turn on the gearmotor. Plastic will begin extruding from the Filastruder, forming a pile on the floor to be spooled up later. The resulting filament can be wound onto a spool quickly and easily using a normal hand drill, or through a printed spool winder.

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