The official Micro filament

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Available colors for ABS filament
Available colors for PLA filament

The official Micro filament is constructed to fit inside the Micro underneath the build plate. The Micro has an internal feeder for the official 1/2 lb spools, but also has a feeder for external spools. The official filament comes in spools that have 250 feet (76.2 meters) and weight about 1/2 lb (225 g) each. The filament is offered in two different materials, ABS and PLA, which come in a variety of colors.

The Micro will ship with one spool of filament. During the Kickstarter campaign backers were able to add $12 to their pledge to get an extra spool. What the actual commercial cost of the filament spools will be is still unknown, but spools can be pre-ordered for a limited time at for $13 per 1/2 lb spool.

The Spool is installed under the build plate and is 120mm in diameter and 34mm in height.