Third party Slicers

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G-code support is not yet enabled. These slicer do NOT work at the moment! Wait for later firmware of the Micro

After creating your 3D model in your favorite 3D modeling software and exporting to a .stl file, a slicer is needed to convert your digital 3D model into printing instructions for The Micro. Beside the official slicer there are generic programs. Here is a list of third party slicers. The list is in alphabetical order though sortable. Note that these programs are not specific to The Micro and may not work as intended.

Name Link Comment
CraftWare free. create/manage manual support and more
Cura works for most 3D models
SkeinForge awesome little Python script, but not that easy to handle
Slic3r Most popular slicer
Simplify3D Not free, costs about 140$. Can repair meshes, faster than Slic3r, create manual support. Multi-Part Printing with different print settings for each model